in collaboration with

Byungkyu Lee - Assistant Developer
Hyunbae Earm - Graphic Designer
Shoji Yamasaki - Choreographer
June Green - Vocalist
Sumin Ha - Character Designer

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This project was supported by CalArts Dean’s Reserve Fund and Diversity Grant.

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 in collaboration with

E_reum - Costume Designer

performed during
Time Capsule 2021, Osisun, Seoul


single channel video, 00:07:44

In Regression, I explore the realm of ‘user data’, accelerated by pattern recognition and generation technology(also marketed as artificial intelligence)within the increasingly automated world. I aim to critique the state of exploitation of user data by information technology corporates. The current information society is depicted as a metaphorical structure with rusted pipes and opaque clouds. An agent with artificial intelligent persuades people to hand over their data so that it can suggest the best life path for the users in return.

sound by Brian James Griffith

shown in
Time Capsule 2021, Osisun, Seoul

ILOVEYOU2: That Time I Imploded the Future, CICA Museum, Gimpo, 2021. 06. 23 - 2021. 06. 27

Another Cinema, Sangheeut, Seoul, 2021. 07. 30 - 08. 15


in collaboration with

Hani Kim - Artist
Hyungkyu Kim - Engineer
Taehun Lim - Engineer
Yoonyoung Jang - Artist

audio visual installation, robot, weight sensor, silicone, aluminium, velvet

The sin of Artificial Intelligence technology is the sin of humans after all. Cosine presents a confession booth where the viewer can hear the confession of text-based artificial intelligence that learned “human errors”. Through the generated confession of the artificial intelligence, we aim to objectively present the dark side of technological development and let humans reflect on ethical issues on their own.

인공지능의 죄는 결국 인간의 죄다. 코사인은 이러한 대전제 하에 인간의 잘못들을 학습한 텍스트 기반 인공지능의 고백을 듣는 고해성사 부스를 선보인다. 인공지능의 고백을 통해 기술 발전의 어두운 면을 객관적으로 제시하고, 인간 스스로 윤리적 문제를 성찰하게 하고자 한다.

shown in
Machine Learning for Creativity and Design, NeuraIPS, 2021, Online, 2021. 12. 13

Play On A.I., Art Center Nabi, Seoul, 2020. 12. 17 - 2021. 1. 29


camera, monitor, slides, slide projector, plant, styrofoam

In 2019, I was able to obtain a retired surveillance monitor from California Institution of the Arts. I repurposed this object into an installation with the help of Google’s Teachable Machine. Teachable Machine is a web-based machine learning tool. I trained the model with images where my camera is pointing at in two cases, 1)with and 2)without images of human body within the frame. I then trained the model to output images of Apple emoji in each case. As a result, when there is no human, the monitor shows face without mouth emoji. When the camera detects a person, it shows ‘shh’ emoji. The ‘shh’ emoji represents the sadistic voyeurism embedded in surveillance technology. I installed the monitor in a theatrical setting with found objects. The photo slides that are projected onto the wall are pieces of private memory of someone I do not know that I obtained from Santa Clarita Flea.

CalArts does not have any surveillance camera at the moment.