Herry Kim Studio


Herry Kim is an artist exploring virtual and actual reality, computer-generated imagery, and artificial intelligence through world-building. Interested in artistic possibilities and cultural implications of ever-evolving technologies, her transmedia practice involves building 3D assets, interaction design, and research. 


MFA in Art and Technology, Integrated Media Subconcentration | California Institute of the Arts | 05/2022 | Valencia, CA

BFA in Painting, Sculpture | Seoul National University | 03/2019 | Seoul


Digital Artist | 05/2022 – | FAANG Tech Company/ Confidential | USA

Digital Artist | 01/2022 – 04/2022 | Upbit NFT | Seoul

I created 2 original 3D looping animation NFTs and sold out instantly.

  • Sold out 2 editions of 80 at 0.032ETH each.

Lead Artist and Engineer | 10/2021 – 11/2021 | MIT | Boston, MA

Created an engaging WebAR experience for MIT 2.009 class, to celebrate final presentations of the students.

  • Streamlined the work pipeline by using Mixamo, Blender, and Aframe to optimize efficiency by 15%.
  • Learned how to use Aframe in a tight timeframe of 2 weeks


Metaverse Literacy, NFT Literacy, Computer Graphics, Art Direction, Design Research, Graphic Design, 3D Animation, Illustration, 3D printing


Dean’s Reserve Fund – California Institute of the Arts 2022, Diversity Grant – California Institute of the Arts 2022, Dean’s Reserve Fund – California Institute of the Arts 2021, Research and Practice Fellowship – CalArts 2020, Study Abroad Scholarship – Kwanjeong Foundation 2019-2022, Lilian Disney Scholarship – CalArts 2019-2022, Work Published in Vassar Review – Vassar College 2020, Work Published in New Media Art 2022 – CICA Press 2021