single channel video, 00:07:44

In Regression, I explore the realm of ‘user data’, accelerated by pattern recognition and generation technology(also marketed as artificial intelligence)within the increasingly automated world. I aim to critique the state of exploitation of user data by information technology corporates. The current information society is depicted as a metaphorical structure with rusted pipes and opaque clouds. An agent with artificial intelligent persuades people to hand over their data so that it can suggest the best life path for the users in return.

sound by Brian James Griffith

shown in
Time Capsule 2021, Osisun, Seoul

ILOVEYOU2: That Time I Imploded the Future, CICA Museum, Gimpo, 2021. 06. 23 - 2021. 06. 27

Another Cinema, Sangheeut, Seoul, 2021. 07. 30 - 08. 15